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Anonymous asked: In need of boy advice. This boy and I have had a thing for a while now and have had a pretty good friendship for like 6 months now. But we haven't admitted our feelings for each other so I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's because he doesn't have any feelings for me. Everytime we hangout it's been like a weird awkward friendship thing and I don't know what we are doing. Are we just friends or am I doing the right thing by waiting around? Help. I love you 💕

what do you mean waiting around? does he seem to be “waiting around” too?

just go with the flow. youre not married to him so if you want to date someone else go for it and stay friends with him. if you only like him just keep liking him and let things develop naturally. what is the rush? honestly, this is the best part! its fun not to know where you stand and be all silently emotional about every encounter. it might not seem that way but thats how i see it. its special because once you move forward or stop youll never get those kind of feelings again. just keep your options open and relax. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, My boyfriend is really good friends with this girl, and it upsets me quite a lot. Part of me knows he won't do anything but I seem to be extremely jealous of her. I personally feel she is much better than myself, and I know if I don't stop feeling this way it will end our relationship. What advice could you give me for this particular situation? I'm just horribly confused. xx

this is tough. ive never been in your shoes but ive been the friend over and over. ive always had more guy friends than girl friends and this is a difficult situation for everyone. sometimes the guy and i can stay friends but often the jealous girlfriend wins and i am stuck without my friend until they break up. its really sad and its hard not to look at him and think he was never my friend but i know that isnt the truth. if you want to know some tragic truth about my personal life- my best friend since high school and i havent spoken for a little over a year because of a new girlfriend. i still miss him and its been hard not to hate him for being this way. 

if you trust him and your relationship is solid you have nothing to worry about. you probably have the power to hurt their friendship but you know that isnt the person you really want to be. she isnt better than you. thats crazy! why cant you be friends with her too? what is so confusing? you are being competitive with this girl when you dont need to be. you are WITH him and they are just friends. relax and talk to him about your feelings.

Anonymous asked: Hey so i know you like giving out relationship advice so i was hoping you could help me. My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago but I still love him and I'm not over him.. but now he has a thing with my best friend but he still wants to be friends with benefits with me. I said yes to the FWB idea cause i still wanted to have that connection with him but now that he and my best friend have a thing idk what to do... Should i cut him off/out of my life completely?

if i were you i would discontinue the fwb situation and move on. the relationship is over and he is moving on and since it is with your best friend (which you seem pretty ok with oddly) he probably wont be exiled from your life seamlessly. 

skatebourt asked: Alright, I'm obsessed with your terrarium your mom got you I swooned when I saw it. I screen shot it and everything. I have been looking for a sweet one for a while but can only find ones that hang. Any idea where yo mom picked that beauty up?

she found it at HEB (tx grocery store)… sad news- its almost totally dead already. whompwhomp.

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I want to tell you how much I love you.

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lilyamundell asked: What does "red shoes to help me remember mean"? Ily

i was on vacation when i got them and i have a terrible memory so i really wanted to try to remember everything because the trip was special to me. along the way we went over things so i would remember and it was goofy and perfect. 

I made it happen yall! Check out my brand new video all about my FIRST garage sale! I learned so much and used the proceeds to make a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America ♡ watch:

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pllleeeeaaaasssseee put me out

Anonymous asked: You're one of those people who I'd love to watch just going about their life. In the least creepy way possible.

im into it. 

Anonymous asked: Your theme makes it so difficult to scroll through your tumblr :( Love your videos and posts!

didnt know that. which one do you suggest? i trust you.