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holy hands, 2012 by Charlotte Krieger


holy hands, 2012 by Charlotte Krieger

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When did romance become uncool?

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sephoraprincess24 asked: First off, I love you! Your personality is amazing and I could watch your videos all day. You are also super gorgeous. My question is how do you feel about age differences in dating? What's the highest and lowest age you would date?

love you too! thank you so much for watching and trusting me enough to send in your questions. 

ive gotten this question a few times now and skipped it because i feel like i dont have a firm opinion on it. not sure why ive decided to take it on now but oh well. ive always had boyfriends that were within a few years of my age (older and younger). however in my last relationship there was almost a ten year difference and in my current situation theres a gap much much greater than that. 

i want to say that age differences dont matter much but i dont think it is that simple. you cant say ten years is fine but eleven is just wrong. there is no line. the thing i think is important when considering age difference is where you are in your life and what you expect from the relationship. these are really tough questions you have to ask yourself and talk about with the other person if it is getting serious. when there is a large age gap, one person has (typically) experienced a lot more than the other. youre moving at different speeds and you might want totally different things for your future. its up to you to decide if it is worth it to you to work out any issues that might come up because of the age difference.

at the same time, i totally understand doing something purely driven by attraction and ignoring future stuff. just have fun and keep an eye on your heart either way. (oh and obviously keep it legal. you dont want those problem.)

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Anonymous asked: Is it weird if a guy wants to be exclusive but not official?

if he is saying it like that its kind of weird. at the same time… whats the difference? sometimes we want labels to represent some level of security when that isnt really possible.

if you don’t want to be exclusively dating him without labeling him your boyfriend, say that. its ok to want to date other guys and keep your options open. remember that there are no rules you have to follow unless you see them as important. 

bettyfrancisdraper asked: You have FANTASTIC taste in films. Have you ever considered doing a series where you do a makeup or clothing or hair look inspired by a film/character's look in a film? x

i have! what characters would you want to see? 

this is the only costume tutorial ive done so far…

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