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lilyamundell asked: What does "red shoes to help me remember mean"? Ily

i was on vacation when i got them and i have a terrible memory so i really wanted to try to remember everything because the trip was special to me. along the way we went over things so i would remember and it was goofy and perfect. 

I made it happen yall! Check out my brand new video all about my FIRST garage sale! I learned so much and used the proceeds to make a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America ♡ watch:

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pllleeeeaaaasssseee put me out

Anonymous asked: You're one of those people who I'd love to watch just going about their life. In the least creepy way possible.

im into it. 

Anonymous asked: Your theme makes it so difficult to scroll through your tumblr :( Love your videos and posts!

didnt know that. which one do you suggest? i trust you.

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my uncle’s dog max


my uncle’s dog max

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