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The Growlers

—Don't Care


Don’t Care from The Growlers’ Beach Goth Cassette

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yllomproffitt asked: I don't know if this is weird/rude/offensive but I have to say that the video you just put up is my favorite video of yours...ever. It's hard on YouTube to know if a person is being genuine in their videos but your vulnerability touched me. It's nice to see someone who I look up to share themselves in such a "naked" way and I just admire you so much more for that. Thanks for being real and trusting us enough to share your life. Love you!!

it’s definitely not weird/rude/offensive. i filmed that video on saturday morning almost immediately after which was probably a mistake but im used to being 100% tough 100% of the time. my usual thought process does not factor in speedbumps. while editing it on tuesday i hated myself for looking weak but i realized that my emotions were so strong in that moment that i didnt leave myself a clear way to edit it out. i would feel like i was lying and denying myself if i did it anyway.

i know it isnt that serious ultimately, nothing is, but i let my guard down for once in my life and i dont regret it (completely). im really glad you guys have shown up for me like you have. it means so much. theres no way you can know how i feel when i go to comment back to people i get overwhelmed with gratitude. i feel so lucky even while feeling like a puddle of lame. i do trust you guys and you guys make my channel what it is just as much as i do. it wouldnt be a happy place without you. thanks for being real and trusting me and watching and taking time to reach out. xo

jessiprime asked: i was at the store today looking for a new mascara and i had this little flash back in my mind of a youtube video of yours where you talk about how you liked a mascara so much the words rubbed off of it. it was blue i think and now i'm losing my marbles trying to find out which one it is! D:

maybelline the rocket volume! got catch those marbles xo

delicate-666 asked: If YouTube had an awards night you'd be crowned role model queen. You're so fabulous and flawless - that face could be on the cover of vogue! I'm into it though. Sending my love all the way from Australia x stay sassy my little Lele x

you are so sweet and i love you for taking the time to reach out. sending lots of love back from texas xo



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Planet for one