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RIGHT OR LEFT? I want both but I should only get one. B&W forever ♡ 

RIGHT OR LEFT? I want both but I should only get one. B&W forever ♡ 

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  3. miss360 said: I love the one on the right!
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  5. diamonds-gym said: right
  6. agreyday said: right
  7. hooahwife said: What a hard choice! I think I like the right
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    i neeeeeed the right one.
  9. lizbamfdarlin said: RIGHT
  10. moreglitter4you said: RIGHT
  11. bewitchingbeautyxx said: Right
  12. puchamadre said: right
  13. billowingblossom said: Right! :-)
  14. shaffroncity said: i meant srry
  15. qualificationinadmiration said: left fo sures
  16. shoujoable said: I MEANT RIGHT. RIGHT!
  17. natalieinthemiddle said: Right!
  18. blind-nostalgia said: RIGHT!
  19. c-ursive said: Right! It looks more high end and it’s super cute.
  20. spiderinthegarden-xx said: Right! :) but both are lovely x
  21. jennhayfield said: right!
  22. sorceress-belladonna said: one on the right
  23. itouchedher said: right girl RIGHT
  24. tardis-inwonderland said: right!
  25. rochellena said: Right
  26. la-patrona said: left
  27. n-wah said: right
  28. barrioprincess said: I MEAN RIGHT DAMN
  29. claudb43 said: RIGHT <3 soo cute!!
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